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Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc. is warning its members about  a nationwide scam involving bogus delinquent accounts and prepaid money cards.

It works like this. Callers contact cooperative members and tell them their account is delinquent.

They have operated using two methods; asking the consumer for prepaid money cards (like those available at convenience stores) OR having them pay over the phone right then.  For prepaid money cards, the scammers then give the members a ten digit phone number that they can call and volunteer the prepaid card's number.

Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc. has had two business customers recently report being contacted and told that they were threatened with power shut-off if they didn't pay. (Read more by clicking 'The Scammers are at it AGAIN")

Having personally worked through outages at all times of day and night, every day of the week, in all kinds of weather, I’m pretty sure that there’s no best time. There are only times that are worse than others.

We all have come to rely on around the clock availability of safe, low cost electric energy. We all use it for food storage and preparation, home air conditioning and heating, water pumping, alarm clocks, entertainment, lighting, computers, telephones, and countless other devices that define our lifestyle. So when this little modern convenience-turned-necessity stops working, even for a few minutes, we all notice, and we don’t like it.

During the first five months of this year, we have experienced a record number of system wide outages, for a variety of reasons, at all times of the day. The one thing that these outages all share is this: None of them were located on the AEC system. They were all on the larger grid that we are connected to and take service from. Here are the statistics:

78% of Members to see lower rates, lower bills 

Over the last several months, the nature of our loads has changed dramatically. We are faced with an unprecedented increase in high demand “service to well” loads that has brought us to the edge of our capacity to serve.

Our annual load forecast for 2015 indicated that we had sufficient capacity to handle our projected load growth through 2024. This was a sufficient planning window to take the steps necessary for an increase in capacity within a few years. However, given the huge increase within the last year, we have been forced into decisions that previously were not yet under serious consideration, given the expense involved and the timing of the issue.

In order to accommodate the increase in demand brought on by these new services, we are negotiating a 26% increase in our import capacity. This is necessary for the very high demand of air conditioning, water pumping and lighting at peak times throughout the summer months. The current projected cost for this increase is approximately $400,000 per year. Click "Message from the Manager" above to read more.

ConnectAnza is busy installing fiber to more areas.

You may see our contractors in your area hanging the fiber cable on our utility poles.  If they need access to the poles on your property, they will leave you a white Anza Electric card.

Please contact Anza Electric ASAP at 951-763-4333 when you receive a card to schedule access for the contractors.

We look forward to getting service to you VERY SOON!

New! As part of our dedication to provide safe, secure service, AEC is introducing a new toll-free phone number specifically for payments.

Members can pay their bills over the phone with a debit/credit card, or check using the new Pay-by-Phone number 844-311-7201.



We are mourning the passing of Paul Elmore, our friend, long time Board member and beloved member of this community.

Paul's passing is a horrible event for us, both personally and professionally. He has been an integral part of the cooperative for decades. He will be sorely missed.

The AEC office will be closing at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, July 22nd so that employees can attend Paul's funeral.

ConnectAnza is quickly becoming a reality to bring
High-speed internet to the area.

Construction has begun and fiber optic cable is being hung. 

Free Wi-Fi internet is currently available at the Anza Community Hall and Minor Park. No password is needed!

A map has been uploaded to showing the areas we're currently building in. Sign up for high-speed internet service at

To track our progress or sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date
on the project visit



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