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Energy Solutions

Together We Save!

Flip the switch. Lower the blinds. Insulate the attic. Lower the temperature on your thermostat.

These sound like simple tasks. Take all of these steps around your home or business, though, and you can rack up big savings.

Anza Electric Cooperative members can get an even better idea of potential dollar savings by taking the energy savings virtual home tour.

The calculations on the web site are based on a rate of 11.4 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Yours may differ because of our tiered rates. Compare to your current rate.

Within each of the home’s rooms - family room, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, basement and attic - are at least two energy-saving action items. As you move through each room and complete the suggested actions, a digital counter keeps a running total of potential dollar savings, giving a visual representation of how simple changes rack up major savings.

Go to the Watch and Learn tab for a one-stop shop for money and energy-saving videos, with tips on energy audits, lighting, sealing, insulation and more.

Under the Energy Savings Applications is information about using compact fluorescent bulbs, replacing your windows or tips on keeping hot water costs down.

Start lowering your electric bills by going to  and learn how you can save.


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Energy Savings & Energy Audits

Members are always looking for ways to control their energy use. The Energy Savings Guide can help you do that. Review simple steps you can use to lower your energy bills. Then if you still have questions about electrical use and costs, contact Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc. for a free energy audit at 951-763-4333.

Please view our Energy Savings booklet for more information.




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