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What is Anza Electric Cooperative’s residential rate?
See our Domestic Rate Sheet

What can I do to reduce my bill?
There are as many answers to this question as there are electric appliances in your home. The first, and most obvious, is to simply turn things off that are not necessary, and to reduce the amount of time that appliances are on. For more detailed information, see our Energy Savings Guide .

What is the Service Availability Charge for?
The service availability charge is a mechanism for collecting our fixed costs; the cost to serve our members.

Who is the Board of Directors ?
There are 7 directors, 2 from each of the cooperative’s 3 districts and 1 at large. Directors are elected by the cooperative membership for a term of 3 years. The board of directors set policy to manage the business and affairs of the cooperative.

Where does AEC buy our electricity?
AEC buys your electricity from Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. (AEPCO) . In 1979 AEC became a member of AEPCO and entered into a wholesale power contract with AEPCO in 1981 to supply all our energy needs. (AEPCO).

What is the Power Cost Adjustment?
See our Power Cost Adjustment Explanation .

What are Capital Credits?
Anza Electric is a not-for-profit corporation (501 c 12) and must return all excess operating revenues (margins) to our membership. At the close of each year, the margins are assigned as capital credits to each member on the basis of their participation in the cooperative’s revenues for that year. On an annual basis the Board of Directors determine if a retirement (payment) of capital credits will be made and the method of making that retirement. Since 1989 the cooperative has returned over $10 million to our membership in capital credit  retirements.

Does AEC offer rebates for Renewable Energy or Energy Efficiency improvements?
No, but all of our membership are eligible for Federal Tax Credits from the Residential Renewable Energy and Efficiency Tax Credit Program. See  for more information.

Does AEC have low income rates?
No, but AEC works closely with the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) to insure that all members have information available to determine if they qualify for assistance and to help them make an application for assistance. The HEAP Packet  and income guidelines are available here on the AEC website.

Information about other assistance programs (Cooperative Care Program, Smiles For Seniors) is available here.

What am I required to do if I want to install a standby generator?
The installation of standby generation equipment requires a permit and inspection from the County of Riverside. Anza Electric also asks that owners of this equipment let us know of the installation. Please visit for more information.

What is Touchstone Energy?
It’s an alliance of consumer-owned electric cooperatives that are dedicated to providing consumers with reliable, high- quality service at competitive prices. Touchstone Energy is the brand name by which cooperatives identify and connect themselves with that alliance. Touchstone Energy provides many valuable resources to Anza Electric, such as education, community outreach, and member benefits. Our Co-op Connections Card  is a Touchstone Energy Program. See

If you have a question that does not appear, please contact us. Click here to send AEC an e-mail.


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