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Kill-A-Watt Program

Become an energy detective

Most of us only have a vague idea of how much electricity we use each month and almost no idea of how much electricity an individual appliance uses. You may be wondering just how inefficient that old refrigerator, freezer, or TV set is. You can use the Kill A Watt EZ™ device to check all of these things in your home so you know where to target your actions like switching something off or replacing an appliance with a more efficient one.

The Kill A Watt EZ™ Electricity Usage Monitor is a multi-function electric meter that allows you to instantly see what the wattage is that an appliance is drawing at any time. It also counts the total electrical use in killowatt-hours (kwh) and projects your electrical expenses by the hour, day, week, month, and even an entire year. The Kill A Watt EZ™ device provides an easy way to measure the energy usage of any 120-volt household appliance or electronics. It can reveal many surprising energy wasters – like a TV that is turned “off” but still draws power. It can also help identify older appliances that may be costing a bundle to keep around.                                                                                       

Anza Electric recently purchased 12 of these monitors. They will be available for checkout this fall at the Anza library located at Hamilton High School.

You must have a valid library card to check them out.  

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