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Net Metering - Distributed Generation Rate

Net metering/Distributed Generation Rate

With the enactment of legislation effective in 1996, Net Energy Metering (NEM) became the law of the land in California. Under this law, all utilities in the state, with one exception (LADWP), are required to offer NEM to all consumers on a first come, first served basis. Through many incremental increases, the program is now capped at 5% of a utility’s historic peak demand.

Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AEC) has participated fully in this process. Beginning in 1999, the very first NEM solar installation was completed on our system. Since that time, the rate of uptake has increased dramatically, culminating in nearly 40 separate installations across our entire territory.

As of 2015 AEC has exceeded the California requirements as codified in CPUC §2827.

A new rate has been introduced allowing consumers to receive credit for any energy produced.

Consumer requirements that MUST be met before AEC approval process can begin:

  • Submission of plans with cut sheets for any equipment installed.
  • Engineering fee paid
  • Signed Agreement

After the system is approved by AEC, County of Riverside permits for solar installation can be obtained.

Distributed Generation Agreement

Please contact Don Downing at the cooperative office if you need more information.





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