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Operation Round Up

Operation Roundup                            

Small change that changes lives

Your spare change alone may not make a big difference - however, when you combine that spare change with all of your neighbors, it can change lives.

With that concept in mind, Anza Electric Cooperative established Operation Roundup as a way for the 4,000 members to combine their spare change for the benefit of the communities in the area.

The program was set up with the goal of making a big difference with small change. By allowing AEC to round up your monthly electric bill to the next higher dollar amount each month, the extra pennies are contributed to the AEC Operation Round Up fund.

Operation Roundup was started by Palmetto Electric Cooperative, in South Carolina, in 1989. Since then over two hundred electric cooperatives nationwide have chosen to adopt the program.

The concept behind the program is to extend the principle on which electric cooperatives were built over 60 years ago - neighbor helping neighbor and as a Touchstone Energy Cooperative - to follow one of the core principles which is committment to community. "Small change that changes lives," is the foundation upon which Operation Round Up was built.

Through AEC's billing system, those members who volunteer to participate in Operation Roundup agree to have their electric bill rounded up each month to the next higher dollar amount.

For example, a bill of $73.75 would become $74.00 and the extra $.25 cents would be deposited in a separate account - AEC Operation Roundup fund. The funds will be distributed by local charitable organizations such as the Anza Thimble Club and Smiles 4 Seniors.

Individually, this is pretty small change; on average, members contribute about six dollars annually to the program.

Imagine what we can do together!

The program will be used to help the less fortunate, the deserving and fund some worthwhile organizations.

Monies collected through Operation Roundup will be forwarded to local charitable organizations for disbursement.

To sign up for Operation Roundup fill out the attached form and email it to or fax to 951-763-5297.


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