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Net Metered Renewable Energy

At this time, AEC's Net Metering Program is closed as we have met the State's 5% mandate. As a replacement, a new rate - Distributed Generation - is being offered.

What do I need to know?

Under California State Law, all residents and small commercial business owners are eligible to produce their own electricity and interconnect with their local utility grid.  This process is generally called “Net Metering”.  Net Metering means that your energy production is credited back through the meter at the same retail rates that you are charged for energy from the utility.  You only owe the “Net” difference for the regular monthly billing cycle, along with any other normal fees and taxes.

What technologies are eligible to produce electricity with?

The most common Net Metered generation comes from solar photovoltaic systems, or small wind turbines.  Fuel cells, micro-hydro, biomass, or geothermal systems also qualify.

How much does this technology cost?

Solar photovoltaic systems average between $6 and $9 per watt in California.  The average size system in the state is 4,000 watts; your needs will vary with your personal energy usage in a month.

Are there financial incentives available?

Anza Electric Cooperative members are eligible for a Federal Tax Credit of 30% of the cost of their system installation.  This Tax Credit may be carried forward up to the program expiration date of 2016, and there is no limit on the system size or cost.

Can I install my own system, or do I need a contractor?

 Any property owner may install their own equipment.  A contractor hired for the job must be properly licensed by the State of California.  All installations must be permitted and inspected by the County of Riverside, and Anza Electric Cooperative.

Does Anza Electric charge any fees for this program?

All members receive this service free of charge.  All service rates remain the same as a service without a net metered generation system.

For more information, please contact the Cooperative office. 


Our Net Metering Program is closed. As a replacement, a new rate - Distributed Generation - is being offered.

Distributed Generation Agreement

Distributed Generation Rate - Residential


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