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Capital Credits 2018 - Look for the credit on your September bill!

It's that time of year again

Time to get money back from Co-op!

Since 1989, AEC has returned over $11 million to current and former members in the form of capital credits.

Excess operating revenue that the cooperative has left over at the end of the year is returned to its membership in the form of capital credits. The amount returned is in proportion to the member's electric bills. A member with higher bills will earn more capital credits than one with lower electric bills.

This year AEC is paying out $500,000 for the years 1997-2015. If you had service during those years, you earned capital credits and a portion of your credits is being paid out.

If you are a current member, look for the credit on your September bill. If you are a former member, look for that check in the mail.

Capital credits are just one advantage of the "Cooperative Difference."


2018 Washington Youth Tour Contest is open!

Do you know a high school junior?

It’s time to put those thinking caps on and fire up the computers.  The Washington Youth Tour contest is open to high school juniors living in or attending school in AEC’s service area.

Imagine winning an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C. with high school juniors from across the country. Picture yourself touring the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the Smithsonian’s and many other famous sites. Imagine seeing history jump off the pages of your history book and truly begin to understand what so many sacrificed their lives for.

Each summer, the Washington Youth Tour brings together a group of 1,800 highly talented, ambitious high school juniors from across the country to experience our nation’s capital and further develop their leadership skills. The program allows these students to get involved in the political process by giving them an inside view of our government in action.

This fall, AEC will once again hold a contest to see which four high school juniors will represent AEC in Washington D.C. for one week this coming June. Applicants must live or attend school in the AEC service area.

Students interested in the trip must submit a written composition and completed application which can be picked up at the cooperative office or downloaded from our Website ( They must also participate in an interview with a panel of judges.

Applications and written compositions must be received in the cooperative office by noon, Friday, October 20, 2017.  It is recommended that applicants not wait until the last minute to turn in their compositions and applications. They can be turned in prior to the cut off time and date.

A panel of judges will evaluate each applicant’s composition and students will be called in at a later date for personal interviews. 

2018 Packet 

We need your help!

Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc. has filed a Grant Application with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) under the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) program. We are seeking grant assistance from the CASF program to support our ConnectAnza high speed internet project as we begin the buildout in Garner Valley, Pinyon, and Mountain Center.

Letters of support from our members are crucial to this process. Please take the time to complete a letter to the CPUC showing your support of our efforts. Letters that detail the impact of access to high speed internet for you personally or in your business are especially important.

Please send completed letters to the addresses included in the mailing list.   LETTER        CONTACT LIST

Thank you for your support!


Please sign the petition!

Our community has been underserved by internet service providers since the creation of the internet. We are rural, sparsely populated, and for-profit telecom providers aren't interested in serving our needs.
Our local cooperative, Anza Electric, is proposing to build Phase 2 of their ConnectAnza fiber-to-the-premises project to serve the communities of Pinyon, Mountain Center, and Garner Valley with 50Mb/s fiber optic internet service for $49 per month. They have applied for a California Advanced Services Fund grant to do this. The areas are priority areas according to CASF: CASF Prority Areas
The CASF grant application summary may be seen here: ConnectAnza Phase 2
When constructed we will finally have high speed, reliable and affordable internet service to our homes, businesses and institutions. Area anchor institutions such as Camp Ronald McDonald, the Girl Scouts Camp Schermer, Lake Hemet Campground, Hurkey Creek Campground, and the UC Riverside Deep Canyon Research Facility will be served, as well as area fire stations and all residences.
This project has been supported by all area elected officials, as well as 93% of the area's residents and businesses. ConnectAnza Phase 1 is successfully under way with a generous CASF grant under the phase 1 application. See the ConnectAnza website at
Please join us in support of ConnectAnza's grant application by signing this petition.  Thank you!

Do you use life support equipment?

Occasionally, it’s necessary to perform maintenance on our equipment and that sometimes involves temporarily disconnecting our members’ power.
The members most affected are those who are on life support. We maintain a list of those who depend on any type of life support system and we use this list to notify these individuals of a planned outage.
If you or someone in your household is on life support please be sure and let us know.
Identification tags are also placed on meters to alert crews of the existence of a life support system.
With the member’s permission, copies of AEC’s life support list are forwarded to the local fire stations so they also may be aware of a member’s special needs.


Because power outages can’t always be controlled and the duration of the outage may be extensive, it’s important to maintain a sufficient backup supply of oxygen or other medical equipment you may need during this time.


ConnectAnza - High-Speed Internet Service

High-speed internet is quickly becoming a reality for the area. 

Construction has begun and fiber optic cable is being hung.                                                                                                                                 

Free Wi-Fi internet is currently available at the Anza Community Hall and Minor Park. No password is needed!

A map has been uploaded to showing the areas we're currently building in. Sign up for high-speed internet service at

To track our progress or sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date
on the project visit

ConnectAnza - Fiber is being hung!

ConnectAnza is busy installing fiber to more areas.

You may see our contractors in your area hanging the fiber cable on our utility poles.  If they need access to the poles on your property, they will leave you a white Anza Electric card.

Please contact Anza Electric ASAP at 951-763-4333 when you receive a card to schedule access for the contractors.

We look forward to getting service to you VERY SOON!

New! Pay-by-Phone Automated Service

New! As part of our dedication to provide safe, secure service, AEC is introducing a new toll-free phone number specifically for payments.

Members can pay their bills over the phone with a debit/credit card, or check using the new Pay-by-Phone number 844-311-7201.


Battery Back-up System - SIMPLE!

Stand by Battery/Inverter
Did you see our standby battery back-up display at the annual meeting in July? If not, it's currently on display in the lobby of the AEC office.

This system is a very simple form of back-up that can be used for virtually any 120 volt, cord & plug connected houshold appliance such as:

  • Refrigerator
  • Medical Apparatus (breathing machine, CPAP device, etc.)
  • Portable Lights

Read more about the simple back-up system here.

Late Payment FAQ

Is your account past due?

If your due date has passed or you have a payment arrangement you have not kept, contact the AEC office right away. In most cases, we can offer some additional payment time.

What will happen if I don’t pay by the due date?

The short answer is, your service will be disconnected. Disconnecting services for the non-payment is the last thing we want to do. That's why we encourage members to contact the AEC office.

If you receive a delinquent notice on your bill, you will need to respond to the date hi-lighted in the message and also listed in red at the bottom of the bill as the “Disconnect Date. ”

If you have already made a payment arrangement and find you can’t keep the date, be sure to contact the AEC office to see if new arrangements can be made. If no arrangement exists or an arrangement has been broken, a message will be sent to the phone number(s) we have on file letting you know to respond by a specific date and time to avoid disconnection.

Click Late Payment FAQ above to see more......


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